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My abandoned blog:( July 30, 2008

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I have neglected my blog but not entirely for lack of interest. I did after all have major abdominal surgery! That should qualify as a legitimate reason for slacking. Well sort of…

My surgery was not so horrible and I recovered rather quickly but my life became consumed with preparing for it, worrying about it, and recovering from it. I ended up making a Vlog on You Tube about this journey and that side tracked me from this blog as well. Then I dabble in MySpace and Facebook and soon I find it is more than I can handle. Pick a venue Donna! Let’s call it a hobby for now.

Another reason I didn’t discuss my surgery on here is because my mother didn’t know about it and she reads my blog. Hi Mom!! She knows now. She knew I had to have my gallbladder out and a hernia repaired but she didn’t want to know when. What she didn’t know however, was as I was having that done I also had gastric bypass surgery! That’s right, I am a fatty who has opted to take drastic measures to resolve this major issue in my life. I am one month post-op now and have no regrets! It’s the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am 29 lbs down already and loving life.

I am not concerned about people knowing what I had to do to gain control of my health. I never intended to pretend I lost the weight without help. It’s not an easy fix, trust me…it’s hard work in addition to healthy food choices and exercise but now I feel like I have control and I am on an even playing field with the rest of the world. If you have never had a weight problem I don’t expect you to understand this. Before you judge me do some research on obesity and the statistics of losing weight and keeping it off. If you still wish to judge me…go ahead…I don’t give a rats patoodie!!

Back to my abandoned blog. This also means I have neglected to keep up with some of my favs. It may take awhile for me to catch up but I will. I guess I need to designate days of the week to each of my “hobbies.” Then there is my  son’s website of which I am the webmaster. That is waaaaaay behind.

Hope you all are having a wonderful summer. I think I will make Wednesdays blog update day.


Fish dilemma of sorts… June 17, 2008

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Pillows and such… June 15, 2008

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I kind of like the idea of enlisting my readers to suggest topics. Remo suggested I write about “Why Women Like So Many Pillows on the Bed.” It’s actually quite simple, cuz it pisses men off! 😉 It also serves to distract us from all the socks and underware the man probably left on the floor! If the man (heaven forbid) should decide to make the bed he’d have no idea where to put all the pillows. And if he tries to plop on the bed to relax when it is “arranged” he will probably be in deep doo doo! Then there is always the question of what to do with the pillows when you want to sleep. It’s just to mess with your head. But in the end, it just really looks nice don’t you think? We do!

The outdoor wedding I spoke about last time turned out to be quite nice. It was hot but not unbearable. There was a pleasant breeze off the water, plenty of shade, and the smoke from the brush fires in NC didn’t make their way there until the last hour or so of the wedding.  I still think, anything short of an outdoor BBQ or intimate party, I will plan indoors. The stress of wondering what mother nature has in store is more than I want to deal with when planning a huge event. Then again I suppose it has a lot to do with where you live. Some of you probably live in areas where your chance of bad weather is far less than mine. It’s certainly more cost effective to have things outdoors and it can be beautiful when the weather cooperates.

Okay so here are some random photos from the outdoor wedding and the lake last weekend:


Checking in… June 10, 2008

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I’m trying to write regularly but I don’t want it to start feeling like it’s a homework assignment. Do you ever feel like that? Part of the problem is I just need to cut myself some slack. I mean this is my blog and if I just want to ramble I should be able to do that, right? It’s not like I’m going to have red pen marks all over my page. Must be some post traumatic stress from a 5th grade English teacher or something.

I have photos to share from the lake but my camera battery is dead and I am still looking for the charger. I purchased a video editing software (dummy, there is probably a free one on my computer somewhere) but I need a degree to figure out how to work it I think…that or a few free afternoons to figure it out.

It is a gazillion degrees outside and I am HATING it but I feel guilty for being miserable when I see the floods, tornadoes, fires, etc. everywhere else. I know I should be grateful that my hot flashes mixed with a heat index of 105 is nothing compared to what some are facing. (And Remo, YOU chose to live in AZ so your heat stories don’t count;) Worse yet, I am complaining from the air conditioned study where I am typing this. Menopause is seriously messing with my head.

I have an outdoor wedding to attend this weekend. It’s still supposed to be hot but now the fires burning in North Carolina will also be a factor. The thick smoke and smell are right out my back door. Ugh! I feel for the bride and groom. Sadly their only hope to cool things down and ease the smoke filled air might be the thunderstorms they are calling for for the weekend. Oy!


The Lake June 4, 2008

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I decided to make a trip to the lake tomorrow for a few days…just me and Charley (my dog). Jess (my youngest) is actually meeting me there so the two of us will float around aimlessly on a raft collecting harmful sunrays or healthy vitamin D depending on who you ask.

Randy is on call this weekend so he can’t make it. I have two weddings and a Myrtle Beach race this month so it’s now or never….well, maybe not never but now or not til July.

I also have work I need to do there and other stuff I need to check up on  so that’s my excuse for going. I guess I’ll bring my camera and see if I can come back with something worth blogging about.

I am trying to work up to video blogging but I am only now getting used to putting my face in public photos. I’m not sure I could handle a video with me in it. Maybe I will start as the voice behind the camera. Anyway, it will probably take me months, if not longer, to figure out how to do all the fancy editing, adding music, credits, and such. So don’t hold your breath.

Anyway, wish you could join me at the lake…



It wasn’t his green thumb! May 26, 2008

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Some of you know my husband and some of you only know what you read here. Trust me, I don’t make this stuff up!

Randy is in his comfort zone if he is at work; tinkering on a car; flying his airplane; or acting thirteen; but when it comes to home improvement or gardening projects you’re looking at a deer in the headlights. After 30 years of marriage I just accept the fact that he is who he is (and thank goodness he does the same for me).

While I was doing some yard work at the lake I guess he was feeling guilty after his swim, bike ride, boat ride, television viewing, and snacking, so he offered to help me trim the azalea bushes.


Fast forward…

I am not complaining that they are now azalea stumps. I mean after all, he did haul away all the debris and they will grow back. I did however, draw the line at his solution to the infestation of aphids on the other shrubs in the backyard.

I mentioned that I need to spray them before I lose the entire row of shrubs. Worse yet, what if it spreads to the other newly planted bushes? I was contemplating driving up to the nursery to buy some Ortho-toxic waste-product of some form or another when my neighbor remembered having some still in her garage. She was kind enough to offer me not only the insecticide but the sprayer to apply it with as well (her husband was off playing golf…notice the pattern here).

I trimmed away the dying and diseased portion, mixed my potion and sprayed the bushes. When I was through I cleaned up my mess and put everything away.

Enter Randy: He steps out on the deck and leans over to begin spraying them with ….

RAID! Yes, the ant and roach killing Raid.

Randy is a wonderful man with many wonderful qualities but if you ask me why I married him I can assure you…

it wasn’t his green thumb!


Anti Monkey Butt? May 17, 2008

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Has this stuff been around for a long time? I was checking out the new Ace Hardware  store by the lake, picking up my usual home improvement gadgets, when I came across Anti Monkey Butt Powder. It got my attention. Cute packaging. Odd name. Time to whip out the reading glasses and further investigate this stuff.  

“With Calamine Powder

Sweat Absorber and Friction Fighter (now they have my attention!)

Anti Monkey Butt® Powder is specially formulated to absorb sweat and minimize frictional skin discomfort.  Helps to keep you dry and comfortable.  Ideal for butt busting activities such as motorcycling, bicycling, horseback riding, truck driving, hiking, hockey, football, and baseball. (well, I can’t say I bust my butt doing any of those things but still…)

Indoors or outdoors, work or play, or on occasions when you sit on your butt all day (I like to think I do more than sit on my butt all day but I’ll try it).  Don’t let your buns get red.  Use Anti Monkey Butt ® Powder instead!

Made in USA”

Seeing how sweating is pretty much all I do these days I decided to give it a try. I have to admit, I am impressed. It works rather well. As a fluffy person I have those areas that appreciate some anti-friction sweat reducing protection. I just never thought I’d find relief at Ace Hardware for heaven’s sake.


What’s better than a senior discount? May 16, 2008

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Apparently I am two years shy of the “senior discount” but that doesn’t stop the high school cashier from asking me if I get one anyway. I suppose I should just say yes.  First time I was asked I nearly had a heart attack. I thought 65 was the senior discount age. Seems it’s 55.  I was able to breathe a sigh of relief upon learning that little factoid. I was thinking, if I look 65 already this Clairol Natural Instincts Haircolor has to go. And sign me up for botox ASAP!

Part of me knows these young kids have no concept of age really. Anyone over 30 is old to them. Another part of me wishes to hang on to every last pre-senior year I have left even if it means no 10% discount or free coffee on Tuesdays. I mean really, why rush things:)

So, I’m feeling all sorry for myself and thinking, what’s the point? I have like two readers (OK maybe three) on my blog; the cashier thinks I’m 65 (well maybe 55); and my life is lacking stuff to blog about. Becky over at Where Life Take You claims she has no one to chat with during the day (while my name is lit up on her buddy list like a freakin’ neon sign;);and the air conditioner is running and I am still sweating; and it’s only 78 degrees outside!

Right when you least expect it a friend comes to your rescue…your menopausal overload rescue. Trish from Peaces pimps my blog and then Becky redeems herself with her comment on Trish’s blog. That’s right, my two readers are propping up this almost senior menopausal time bomb and I’m loving it. Thanks ladies.

Oh, and get this. I tried to do this website tracker thingy Becky was talking about. I’m sure I registered correctly but the damn thing keeps emailing me stats about my traffic…or should I say, lack thereof?  It says I have ZERO traffic. Well that can’t be right. There has to be at least 2! Thankfully WordPress has stats too. I JUST found them.

Seems I just can’t keep up. There are Vlogs and Flickr’s and Widgets and Twitters or is it Tweeters? Shit, I may as well be 65. This is too damn hard! The other day my daughter was IMing me (that’s “instant messaging” for all you old folks who aren’t even reading this) and I found myself answering her with a pen and a post-it note pad. That’s right, I was multitasking on the computer and somehow ended up grabbing a pen. I probably wouldn’t feel so technically impaired if my cyberfriends weren’t such geeks but the people at my level are still figuring out how to log on! 

Latest project… May 10, 2008

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The lake house has this 20 year old mauve faded disgusting carpet that I couldn’t stand looking at for another second. So, unlike most people who just make a decision to replace the floors and then hire someone to do it I decide to rip up the carpet, see what lies beneath, and replace it myself.

Since this HGTV  addiction of mine I no longer find myself afraid of demolition of any kind. It’s actually somewhat therapeutic. I’ve also discovered that much of what we hire people to do for us is not rocket science. Read the instructions, have the right tools, plan ahead and go for it!  Some minor mistakes may pop up on the first try or two but in the end you will probably find you can do almost anything yourself.

Okay, so apparently I should have started on the other end of the room but what the heck, I still like it….

This is Pergo laminate flooring/red oak

Too Close for Comfort! April 28, 2008

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My daughter calls me on her cell phone as she is leaving work.

Me: “Where are you?”

Her: “Oh my 4’oclock didn’t show up so I left early.” (insert brief casual conversation here). “Wait hold on. That’s my office manager. She is probably pissed cuz I left early.” (clicks over to other line…I lose the connection. Damn call waiting! I call her back).

Me: “So what did she want?”

Her: “She wanted to make sure I was okay cuz a tornado just hit the hospital and destroyed the cars where I was parked 4 minutes after I left!”

(These are actual photos of the area taken by local area citizens…not me!)

If you were watching the national news Monday you probably heard about the devastating tornado that ripped through here. We just got heavy rain but within “spitting distance” homes were leveled and cars were tossed like toys. My husband works on the third floor in an office right near where my daughter works and a truck was tossed into the first floor of his building. He was off today. The neighborhood right behind them was leveled.

The injury and death rate is not final as I type this. I am hoping it is unusually low… just as unusual as it is for a tornado to sweep through here in the first place!