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Betrayal March 24, 2008

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It pains me to write this post. I had hoped to come back here and fill you in on Woody’s race but I never got to watch it. I arrived in FL for the race but was only there for a few hours when my cell phone rang.

My oldest daughter was sobbing uncontrollably because her world, as she knew it, had just crumbled. I jumped on the next flight home which wasn’t until the next morning. I didn’t sleep at all that night (and not much for days afterwards). I cried for her; still do. She was in pain and as her mother I felt helpless. It felt like morning couldn’t come soon enough.

She was two weeks shy of her first embryo (IVF) transfer after 2 years of trying to conceive. She and her husband were living in their dream home of 18 months and things seemed to be falling into place. She was counting down the days until the IVF. She was told her chances were excellent. I heard the excitement in her voice that very morning. 

On the surface he was the kind of guy a mother would pick for her daughter. It would be only hours later that she would stumble across proof that her “adoring” husband of 4 1/2 years had been cheating on her for nine months with his new-found drinking partner. Yes, alcohol seems to be another issue she didn’t bargain for in this thing called marriage.

Through tens of thousands of dollars, countless tests and procedures, hormones and injections, and the roller coaster ride of hormones and hope, he was leading a double life and letting her continue to believe in her dream.

He didn’t want her to leave him. He “loves” her. WHAT?! Am I missing something here? What did he think she would do? Of course he is mortified and remorseful but she has lost all trust; her heart is broken; and her dreams have been shattered. We were all blind-sided by this. He is “sorry”; he “wants her back”; he will “get help.” Sounds like something they all say when they get caught.

How do you pick up the pieces? When does the pain go away? When do the tears run out? I am sick over this. I can only imagine how she feels.

I have lost faith in my ability to “know someone.” I am grieving.  I am disappointed. I just want her pain to go away. Am I angry? DAMN RIGHT I AM! %#$@^


Gentlemen Start Your Engines! March 12, 2008

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Well that is not actually politically correct. With more and more women in race cars these days they have been saying “drivers” instead. In any case, racing season has begun and that means I am on travel mode beginning…NOW!

As many of you already know, my son is a race car driver. A damn good one at that but stuck in the “minor leagues” along with so many other highly skilled and talented drivers. I have come to learn that what you see on television is not always the best of the best but often the best with the most…but don’t get me started on sponsorship, diversity, the almighty dollar, and who you know!

Woody is racing at USA International Speedway in Lakeland FL this weekend in the USAR ProCup series and I fully intend to be there. Well, that and I am his official scorer. (Some fool proof way they keep track of the lap you’re on in case the computerized system fails).

It doesn’t hurt either that the race is in FLORIDA! Yes, I know, you are thinking ‘geez, she JUST got back from the Bahamas.’ It’s simple.  I don’t do winter. Not well anyway.

I did my share of soccer games and basketball games; PTA meetings and swim lessons; school recitals and Chuck-E-Cheese. Now that my children are adults I get to travel to see them race, well my son anyway. It may as well be in Florida:) or at least near a huge mall. Sight seeing is good too.

If it were up to me the race circuit would include places like tropical islands, mountain retreats, Europe, Australia,  just to name a few. Instead we sometimes make the best of places like Newton, Iowa and Mansfield, Ohio. Actually these may be nice places to live but not high on my dream vacation list. Actually Mansfield has the coolest prison located right next to the track where they filmed The Shawshank Redemption.


More than likely I will fill you in on how he does when I get back. In the meantime, I have three dogs, a security alarm system, and a house sitter so try not to vandalize my house while I am gone.


If you’d like to know more about my handsome and single race-car driver son, check out his website.

Atlantis March 1, 2008

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This was one of our best vacations to date. I’d have to rate it up there with Bermuda only there was so much more to do.

In the “tropical” vacation category, we have been to Aruba, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Bahamas, and the Florida Keys (and other beaches in FL. I am not comparing this vacation to anything in Europe. That is in a category all its own:). We had a great time in all of these places but I just wasn’t ready to leave Atlantis (or Europe…we lived in Spain for 3 years).

Aruba was a nice time but it is more of a desert island with man made tropical resort beaches scattered about. The sand was like white powder and the water aqua blue. (No shells for my collection). Unfortunately the winds, while we were there, left you feeling like a breaded veal cutlet when the blowing sand stuck to your sunscreen protected skin. I am glad I got to go but it’s not on my list of places I want to see again. And sadly, I’m not sure I could look out at the beautiful ocean and not think about Natalie Holloway.

Costa Rica was awesome. Howler monkeys and dirt roads. Gorgeous beaches and fabulous shells. Great bang for your buck. I could see myself going there again. I enjoyed the different foods and great scenery. Safety was more of a concern there than some other places but we had no close calls. I wasn’t blogging in my Costa Rica days but that would have been a great entry with awesome photos and memories.

The same could be said for Jamaica. I am glad I went there but probably won’t return. We had a great time but there are too many other places I want to see. We stayed at a Sandals resort there.

We’ll return to Florida because of it’s close proximity and the ease with which we can escape winter but Atlantis was awesome. Was it because I won in the casino; or the temps were in the 80s all week; or the food was fabulous everywhere we ate; or the water was gorgeous; or the snorkeling was great? Was it because I was surrounded by my adult kids and there was something for everyone (toddlers on up)? Was it because everyone was friendly and the rooms were gorgeous? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!

Was it expensive? Yes



Was it worth it? Yes 

There is too much to tell in one post. I’ll save some travel tips and great things to do for my next entry. Right now I am trying to recover from the depression of leaving and the exhaustion of unpacking.


If you have any immediate questions about Atlantis email me or leave me a comment. Check back later for more pictures and tales. (Photos courtesy of Jess and Helene as my camera fell in the Lazy River…my old point and shoot camera, whew!)