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What’s better than a senior discount? May 16, 2008

Posted by Donna in Uncategorized.

Apparently I am two years shy of the “senior discount” but that doesn’t stop the high school cashier from asking me if I get one anyway. I suppose I should just say yes.  First time I was asked I nearly had a heart attack. I thought 65 was the senior discount age. Seems it’s 55.  I was able to breathe a sigh of relief upon learning that little factoid. I was thinking, if I look 65 already this Clairol Natural Instincts Haircolor has to go. And sign me up for botox ASAP!

Part of me knows these young kids have no concept of age really. Anyone over 30 is old to them. Another part of me wishes to hang on to every last pre-senior year I have left even if it means no 10% discount or free coffee on Tuesdays. I mean really, why rush things:)

So, I’m feeling all sorry for myself and thinking, what’s the point? I have like two readers (OK maybe three) on my blog; the cashier thinks I’m 65 (well maybe 55); and my life is lacking stuff to blog about. Becky over at Where Life Take You claims she has no one to chat with during the day (while my name is lit up on her buddy list like a freakin’ neon sign;);and the air conditioner is running and I am still sweating; and it’s only 78 degrees outside!

Right when you least expect it a friend comes to your rescue…your menopausal overload rescue. Trish from Peaces pimps my blog and then Becky redeems herself with her comment on Trish’s blog. That’s right, my two readers are propping up this almost senior menopausal time bomb and I’m loving it. Thanks ladies.

Oh, and get this. I tried to do this website tracker thingy Becky was talking about. I’m sure I registered correctly but the damn thing keeps emailing me stats about my traffic…or should I say, lack thereof?  It says I have ZERO traffic. Well that can’t be right. There has to be at least 2! Thankfully WordPress has stats too. I JUST found them.

Seems I just can’t keep up. There are Vlogs and Flickr’s and Widgets and Twitters or is it Tweeters? Shit, I may as well be 65. This is too damn hard! The other day my daughter was IMing me (that’s “instant messaging” for all you old folks who aren’t even reading this) and I found myself answering her with a pen and a post-it note pad. That’s right, I was multitasking on the computer and somehow ended up grabbing a pen. I probably wouldn’t feel so technically impaired if my cyberfriends weren’t such geeks but the people at my level are still figuring out how to log on! 



1. Becky - May 16, 2008

Heh. Vlogs are like blogs, just done via a video you upload. It’s like chatting with a friend or talking out your blog entry, only you are alone and feeling mildly foolish speaking to a camera in a conversational tone of voice. Flickr is my favorite photo sharing service (I also use Shutterfly and Photobucket). Widgets are little tools you can plug into your blog (or other things) that…do stuff. Too many widgets to explain that better. LOL And Twitter? The jury is still out on that one. It’s like a mini one sentance blog post. You can use Twitter from your cell phone. Some people use it as a way to let family and friends know what their daily schedule is. Or a way to share news rapidly with a group. OK. Any other questions? You know this geek is just an email away (even if I do forget to turn my damn IM tools on every day.) 😉

2. Tara Dharma - May 17, 2008

oh donna, I think this journey is just going to get weirder and stranger with each passing year!!! I’m with you, I have a small readership, and sometmes that bugs me (hey, I wanna be popular, too). Sometimes I take blogging breaks. And I could care less about twitter. But I AM a flickr.com fan. It’s a great back-up system for digital images.

As for getting the senior discounts…I’m only 5 years away, but I’m going to have to insist on them unless time finally catches up with me. When I was in my mid-twenties people thought I was 16! No bull! I WANT my senior discounts, dammit. I’ve earned them.


3. Tara Dharma - May 17, 2008

ps, girl, I’m adding you to my blogroll! that’s one of my mental reminders of who I want to read and ck in with on a regular basis. If it’s not on my roll, baby, it aint on my radar. I have many senior moments.

4. Trish (freeepeace) Monaco - May 18, 2008

I love this post. It’s so REAL. To think I’m freaking over turning 40 this week and you’re being asked about senior benefits. While I read that I notice my urge to tell you AGE IS JUST A NUMBER. (walk the talk Trish. I’m learning.)

Don’t give up. I’d totally miss you and your updates. At least give a few of these new-fangled tecky things a try first. I love vlogging, now that I’ve found it. It was weird at first but the more I push myself, the easier it gets. I still cringe a little when I see myself and all my flaws on video but not like before. And the more I vlog in public, the less fearful I get about the looks I receive.

Feel free to hit me up on chat. you know my screen name. I’ve incorporated my AIM into my Google Talk so anytime I’m online, it’s there. I may be at work, but I’d just let you know.

Twitter – TRY IT. It gets better and better every day. Get NASCAR updates, news, weather or political feeds or tweets from friends and family. You can even tweet your blog post or a photo or a link to a wacky monkey product! I wonder if HGTV uses twitter yet.

But I guess the most important thing to remember is YOU ARE LOVED and when you forget, we are here to remind you.


5. Jenn - May 22, 2008

I just love your blog…and you definitely have more than 2 readers, so THERE! Probably shouldn’t share my story of getting carded for buying wine the other day. Geez…I’m almost 28! I don’t look THAT young! 😉
Love your blog…love you even more!

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