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The Lake June 4, 2008

Posted by Donna in Uncategorized.

I decided to make a trip to the lake tomorrow for a few days…just me and Charley (my dog). Jess (my youngest) is actually meeting me there so the two of us will float around aimlessly on a raft collecting harmful sunrays or healthy vitamin D depending on who you ask.

Randy is on call this weekend so he can’t make it. I have two weddings and a Myrtle Beach race this month so it’s now or never….well, maybe not never but now or not til July.

I also have work I need to do there and other stuff I need to check up on  so that’s my excuse for going. I guess I’ll bring my camera and see if I can come back with something worth blogging about.

I am trying to work up to video blogging but I am only now getting used to putting my face in public photos. I’m not sure I could handle a video with me in it. Maybe I will start as the voice behind the camera. Anyway, it will probably take me months, if not longer, to figure out how to do all the fancy editing, adding music, credits, and such. So don’t hold your breath.

Anyway, wish you could join me at the lake…





1. Becky - June 4, 2008

*sigh* Wish I could join you too.

2. Trish (freeepeace) Monaco - June 5, 2008

::big sigh:: right up there with Becky. Wish I could join you too. Sounds amazing right now. Looking forward to pictures and (if/when possible) video. That’s the next best thing.

You’re smart not to tell us where this lake is…you might find a few party crashers otherwise.

3. Remo - June 5, 2008

It sounds like a great way to re-charge your emotional solar batteries. Have a great time!

4. Tara Dharma - June 17, 2008

I highly recommend a blogging break whenever you feel like it. I’ve taken them several times when I feel no need to post. It’s been positive. I mean, why do it if you’re not inspired?

I announce my breaks, recharge my batteries, come back when I feel like it. I’ve even ‘broken’ my breaks with a photo that I felt inspired to post.

Good luck with this one.

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