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Pillows and such… June 15, 2008

Posted by Donna in Uncategorized.

I kind of like the idea of enlisting my readers to suggest topics. Remo suggested I write about “Why Women Like So Many Pillows on the Bed.” It’s actually quite simple, cuz it pisses men off! 😉 It also serves to distract us from all the socks and underware the man probably left on the floor! If the man (heaven forbid) should decide to make the bed he’d have no idea where to put all the pillows. And if he tries to plop on the bed to relax when it is “arranged” he will probably be in deep doo doo! Then there is always the question of what to do with the pillows when you want to sleep. It’s just to mess with your head. But in the end, it just really looks nice don’t you think? We do!

The outdoor wedding I spoke about last time turned out to be quite nice. It was hot but not unbearable. There was a pleasant breeze off the water, plenty of shade, and the smoke from the brush fires in NC didn’t make their way there until the last hour or so of the wedding.  I still think, anything short of an outdoor BBQ or intimate party, I will plan indoors. The stress of wondering what mother nature has in store is more than I want to deal with when planning a huge event. Then again I suppose it has a lot to do with where you live. Some of you probably live in areas where your chance of bad weather is far less than mine. It’s certainly more cost effective to have things outdoors and it can be beautiful when the weather cooperates.

Okay so here are some random photos from the outdoor wedding and the lake last weekend:




1. Trish (freeepeace) Monaco - June 16, 2008

Whoa…wow…that picture of the girls at the lake is GORGEOUS. Print it high quality and frame it. It’s absolutely beautiful. I would buy that print. And of course, that darling yorkie is too cute for words.

Yeah, I love pillows too. But I don’t make a neat bed and I also leave socks strewn on the floor. Hmmm…

I so wanna go to your lake. ::sigh::

2. nekomal - June 16, 2008

Looked like a lovely event. Glad the weather cooperated!

3. Tara Dharma - June 17, 2008

i love the photo of the girls at the lakeside.

what??? Men don’t like lots and lots of pillows on the bed? This is news to me! (actually not, I remember this issue coming up on a sitcom a few years ago….) But GAY men, pillows, baby. Lot’s of ’em.

4. Remo - June 17, 2008

The pillow thing? It’s creepy. Maybe next time you’ll explain why women keep putting the seat down. LOL

Fantastic pictures. The one with the Bride & Groom dancing? I wish to buy the woman who is second to the right of the groom in the spaghetti-strap sundress.

Yes, that one.

5. hahnathome - July 10, 2008

I like one pillow. I have four for the bed, plus two decorative pillows – but I throw them on the floor and only put them back on when I wash the sheets or clean the room. What does it all mean? I’m a girl.

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